Multiple Requirements Case Study – Julie

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Julie was looking for a loan to cover her home loan arrears, pay back her defaulted credit cards and debt collectors, and she also had a tax debt to contend with. Julie had a very bad couple of years with her mum in hospital with a terminal illness, lost her job, then in the middle of it all broke her arm. Julie was originally running a gardening business which she ended up closing because of the broken arm. She took a job when she had recovered and rented her home out. However, once she got back on her feet with work there was a large amount of debt and arrears to pay. Loan Saver sourced a recovery loan to allow her to pay all her debts, tax & arrears and get back on her feet. Julie kept her home, paid back the debts and she is able to move on from her disastrous couple of years.

Julie – I was so thankful to Loan Saver. They refinanced my loans and best of all saved my home. I have a lower payment and looking forward to stage 2 of my plan. Learn more about Debt Consolidation…[/content_box]

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  • “I had some problems a few years ago with a downturn in business , it left me with a large tax debt and no way to catch up without help. I didn’t think i could get a loan because i’d tried so many times. Loan Saver were very easy to work, no hassles, and knew what to do and what to say to get things moving. They didn’t bat an eye lid.” - Warren, on his experience
  • “The new loan is very competitive and saved me heaps of money. I’ve spoke to the new lender a few times and have had no problems at all. Colin (Loan Saver) seems to think i’ll be ready for an investment property next year… he’s been right so far so we’ll see.” - Warren, on his new loan
  • “Our loan settlement went very well, there were a couple of hiccups along the way which were handled with ease. Loan Saver’s (Colin)communication was fantastic, they explained the process and we knew exactly what we needed to do.” - Scott & Lina, on their experience
  • “The new loan got us our of trouble and the rate isn’t too bad either. The best thing is that we have a plan, we saved our house and we’ll be back to a traditional lender next year. We couldn’t be happier.” - Scott & Lina,, on their new loan


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  • Australian Credit Licensed 388005
  • Variety of Standard and Specialist lenders
  • 15 Years Lending Experience
  • Simple Straight Forward Solutions based Approach
  • Ongoing Support Program.


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