Multiple Enquiries on your Credit File

Multiple enquiries refers to the number of failed attempts you have made to obtain a loan and is stored on your credit file are not necessarily noted as bad credit, however, for a lender they represent that you are trying very hard to secure finance for some unknown reason. The number of enquiries on your credit file affects your credit score negatively which most lenders use to assess credit worthiness.

Credit enquiries are lodged when you apply for finance, even on some over the phone or online assessments. Always be careful of any enquiries for finance that the financier is not accessing your credit file. Your can be made aware of a financier preparing to access your credit file when they request your drivers licence number as this is usually the most common identifier for your name.

Loan Saver has access to lenders who don’t credit score, so if you have multiple or numerous enquiries on your credit file we can still source very good interest rates. Contact Loan Saver Network for an over the phone assessment of your finance needs on 1300 796 850.