Real Life Home Loan Arrears Case Study

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A Real Life Home Loan Arrears Case Study

Scott &Lina were having trouble paying their home loan arrears on their mortgage. They had not made consistent payments on their home loan since selling off their business. Left with a large amount of debt, they got jobs to pay off their credit amounts. However, this was not the end of the issues they were facing. They missed the first two months’ home loan payments, and could not keep up subsequently. Theirs was a dire situation, with business creditors screaming, and their home loan lender threatening foreclosure. We negotiated terms with their home loan lender until we could settle the refinance, and sourced a lender who would accept the arrears and consolidate the business debts.

Scott – “Our stress levels were through the roof. We were planning kids next year and well, that was not on the cards. Loan Saver helped us out enormously. Even though our choices were limited Loan Saver were easy to work with and everything was done with ease and simplicity. We kept our house and have a great place to raise our kids…."

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  • Australian Credit Licensed

  • Variety of Standard and Specialist lenders

  • 15 Years Lending Experience

  • Simple Straight Forward Solutions based Approach

  • Ongoing Support Program.

  • “The new loan got us our of trouble and the rate isn’t too bad either. The best thing is that we have a plan, we saved our house and we’ll be back to a traditional lender next year. We couldn’t be happier.” - Scott & Lina,, on their new loan
  • “Our loan settlement went very well, there were a couple of hiccups along the way which were handled with ease. Loan Saver’s (Colin)communication was fantastic, they explained the process and we knew exactly what we needed to do.” - Scott & Lina, on their experience