Home Loans With Bad Credit

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[content_box last=”yes” title=”Have Bad Credit?” icon=”bell” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=””]Even if you’ve been declined before, Loan Saver are experts in good and bad credit. We consistently place loans that have been declined previously. [/content_box]
[content_box title=”Been Declined?” icon=”dollar” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=””]Debt Consolidation can combine your good & bad debts into one manageable lower payment with a debt consolidation home loan. Get your Creditors off your back.[/content_box]
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[content_box title=”Competetive Interest” icon=”search” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=””]Reduce the interest rate on your high interest rate debts down to your home loan rate reducing your payments and getting back to life again[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Professional Support” icon=”lightbulb” image=”” link=”” linktarget=”” linktext=””]Consolidate your debts, reduce your overall interest rate, manage only one payment and save yourself thousands. Improve your budget and  cashflow.[/content_box]
[title size=”2″]We are here to help people with bad credit get finance[/title]

Work with the bad credit experts. We are experts in bad credit mortgages who assist people with their debt problems and in obtaining the most competitive interest rates when they have bad credit. We help people through their debt problems, keep or even buy their new home and move their finances forward.
Our vast experience in bad credit helps us present clients with finance options that are the most suitable and competitive finance products, & customised to suit their current financial situation. We have a range of lenders who offer clients home loans with bad credit histories and therefore a range of products and interest rates are available to suit a range of purposes:

A list of purposes for bad credit home loans are :

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  • Obtain a more competitive overall interest rate
  • Buy a home to live in or for investment
  • Consolidate Tax Debts
  • Consolidate loans where traditional lenders won’t allow
  • You have Credit defaults, judgements or a form of Discharged Bankruptcy
  • You have a mortgage in arrears or your other loans are behind.


There are a range of home loans with bad credit options that all have a variety of interest rates depending on your chosen lender, your level of credit impairment, and many other factors. Lenders are very much like an insurance company where they assess risk. Loan Saver Network work exclusively with bad credit and are passionate about moving our clients forward. We start by assessing your situation, and identifying the true cause of your bad credit. Then package your case appropriately in a way the available lenders can understand. This ensures the best potential interest rate possible.

Another objective of bad credit home loans is to help more your forward from your debt issues. Depending on your situation your finance package would make available funds to clear any outstanding debts. Its always best to start fresh with any new finance package to give you the best chance of success.

Loan Saver Network can help plan bad credit mortgages to an approval, choose the right lender for your needs, consolidate your debts and plan or budget for the future so you have a better chance of staying ahead.
We have witnessed many different situations that have led to people just like you to struggle with their debts, or obtaining finance to clear bad credit. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and we will help you in a professional and friendly way, which has your interests as the most important goal.

So contact the brokers who get home loans for those with bad credit histories today on 1300 796 850. Let’s get the ball rolling toward an approval. Call us or complete the enquiry form above and we’ll be in contact.



Calculate your Savings with our Debt Consolidation Calculator

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[title size=”2″]Why Choose Us[/title]
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  • Australian Credit Licensed 388005
  • Variety of Standard and Specialist lenders
  • 15 Years Lending Experience
  • Simple Straight Forward Solutions based Approach
  • Ongoing Support Program.


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[title size=”2″]What Clients Say[/title]

  • “I had some problems a few years ago with a downturn in business , it left me with a large tax debt and no way to catch up without help. I didn’t think i could get a loan because i’d tried so many times. Loan Saver were very easy to work, no hassles, and knew what to do and what to say to get things moving. They didn’t bat an eye lid.” - Warren, on his experience
  • “The new loan is very competitive and saved me heaps of money. I’ve spoke to the new lender a few times and have had no problems at all. Colin (Loan Saver) seems to think i’ll be ready for an investment property next year… he’s been right so far so we’ll see.” - Warren, on his new loan
  • “Our loan settlement went very well, there were a couple of hiccups along the way which were handled with ease. Loan Saver’s (Colin)communication was fantastic, they explained the process and we knew exactly what we needed to do.” - Scott & Lina, on their experience
  • “The new loan got us our of trouble and the rate isn’t too bad either. The best thing is that we have a plan, we saved our house and we’ll be back to a traditional lender next year. We couldn’t be happier.” - Scott & Lina,, on their new loan


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