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How do I choose a caveat loans lender?

Fast caveat finance is well suited to business use.  As such, there are a number of caveat style loans and lenders that are available for both as a property owner and also when using vehicles for security. Therefore, making available a wide range of private lenders offering secured business loans in Australia.

However, before you apply for a caveat loan, you should consider which is the best? As, all short term business loans have their strengths, weaknesses, costs & interest rates. Also, each lenders' caveat finance product has features very different from traditional lenders.

If this is your first look at short term caveat finance, correct professional advice is essential. Certainly to ensure the correct product and that you meet the required lending criteria.

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What features determine the best private lender and loan product for you?

  • Firstly, we find the speed of settlement as the most relevant customer requirement. As such, we have lenders who can provide funds in as little as 24 hours.
  • Secondly, lender fees and interest rates can vary a lot. In general, faster settlements incur higher interest rates and lender fees.
  • Finally, your exit strategy is a critical consideration as each lender has different requirements for the return of money.

Speed and Pricing

As such, if you are flexible in your requirements, you may gain a more competitive loan product. Although pricing is critical, it may not always be as important as speed. As such, your goal should be to obtain a balance between speed, features and pricing to suit your requirement.

Loan Saver Network offers five stars rated customer service. Also, we provide fast, free assessment and advice for debt problems & short term loan solutions.

We assist with short term business caveat loans, backed by a mortgage. Indeed, we ensure the right solution for paying business debts, cashflow, or bridging loan purpose. We specialise in solving urgent debt and finance problems for small business.


What Are the Uses for Caveat Loans?

Urgent caveat loans are a specialist type of finance used by small business. In most cases, it can be an excellent business finance option. Though there are more regulations on consumer caveat loans. For those reasons, the most common uses for a fast short term secured loan are: 

  • Firstly, you require urgent funding for business working capital or short term cash flow.
  • Secondly, buying real estate and need a bridging loan; or short term property loans.
  • Similarly, buy business equipment at substantial discounts.
  • Also, to pay an unexpected business expense, supplier payment or bad debts.
  • Finally, there is an urgent need to pay outstanding tax debts to continue trading.

All short term finance solutions require a clear exit strategy to repay the loan balance.


Features of short term urgent caveat loans:

  • Firstly, low-interest rate business loans starting from 1.0% per month.
  • Secondly, up to 80% Loan Value Ratio (LVR) available.
  • Thirdly, loan terms suited to your business use;  from 1 - 12 months terms. However, they can be as long as 36 months.
  • Plus, obtain a revolving loan with a credit limit. Hence, you can draw up or down against the credit limit.
  • For the most part, you can receive fast access to your loan funds as quickly as 24-48 hours.
  • Also, some lenders only use informal property assessment. Therefore, in some instances, no certified valuations required.
  • Flexible repayment options – daily, weekly, monthly, or combine the payment into the loan.
  • Consolidate other loans, debts, credit defaults, as well as judgements and creditors. However, consolidation of consumer debt, such as personal loans and credit cards, is limited to 50% of the loan value.
  • Likewise, used to prevent foreclosure by paying arrears and waiting for a property sale. Consequently, avoiding eviction and a mortgagee sale.
  • Finally, most lenders will conduct a credit check. However, credit defaults, judgements are not unusual, and therefore bad credit caveat loans are available.

If you have business debt issues or arrears; then fast caveat loans can be used to consolidate a variety of problems. Also, short term business loan purposes include:

  • Assist with a short term cash flow issue
  • Also, pay a tax debt or other creditor
  • Finally, avoid a business wind up or credit issue.

Let's talk about a caveat loans solution that suits you

What is the difference between Caveat Loans & Mortgage Loans?

A caveat loan is a secured business loan using a registered caveat against real estate as security. Hence, the difference between a caveat loan and a mortgaged loan is the type of security registration. As such:

  • Firstly, a caveat expresses only a financial interest in the property with minimal recovery powers. Therefore, a caveat does not give the ability to sell the property and recover monies owed.
  • First & Second Mortgages give the lender recovery powers in the event of a default.

How are caveats used for fast loan settlements?

Most caveat loans use a registered caveat for speed then convert to a 2nd mortgage. As such, they are allowing the lender the authority to sell your property in the event of a default.

Getting approval from the First Mortgagee to register a 2nd mortgage can take time. Consequently, you can reduce settlement speed by using a caveat. As such, you have access to funding while the lender lodges the second mortgage.

In summary, a registered caveat allows access to funding fast (24-72 hours).

What Purposes are Short Term Business Loans Used?

Secured caveat loans are used mainly for business purposes. Such as, paying debt such as tax debt, or obtaining funds to invest in business growth. Above all, short term loans can allow access to money fast; or where there is difficulty in obtaining funds from primary lenders. As a result, registered caveat loans could include purposes such as:

Image representing fast caveat loans can provide opportunities to grow your business

  • Initially, paying tax debts.
  • Secondly, using a bridging loan to buy a business.
  • Thirdly, buying stock or equipment for a start-up business.
  • Also, buying commercial real estate such as warehouses, offices, retail premises.
  • Also, purchase residential property in some circumstances.
  • Refinance loans into a new entity. Hence loans such as business overdrafts, business loans or supplier debts.
  • Also, closing a business and paying liquidation expenses.
  • Indeed, bad credit caveat loans are also available.
  • Finally, only for business use with a clear exit strategy.

Finally, if you do not have an urgent requirement for funds, then another finance solution may be more suitable. If so, call Loan Saver Network to discuss your business finance needs.

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What Loan Terms Are Available With Short Term Caveat Loans?

Secured Short Term Loan terms are mostly from one month to twelve months; however, a six-month loan term is typical. Also, longer loan terms are available depending on the loan purpose. 

What Is Meant By An 'Exit Strategy'?

Exit strategy refers to paying the borrowed funds back to the lender. Finalising a loan using an exit strategy allows paying back the private finance from an expected lump sum payment. As such, this could be from the sale of an asset; or the receipt of a lump sum via:

  • Firstly, selling a property asset or another asset.
  • Secondly, mortgage refinances where the business loan is repaid by refinancing your principal mortgage and the caveat loan.
  • Also, repay the loan balance from the sale of business stock. Such as buying and importing goods for sale.
  • Otherwise, closed from funds obtained from a business investment.
  • Finally, the loan balance is repaid from the sale of a business.  

Furthermore, with a suitable exit strategy, the loan payments can be more flexible than with traditional finance. Therefore, payments can be made monthly or paid upfront when the caveat loans settle.

Requiring Fast Caveat Finance?

Loan Saver Network offer Australia-wide specialist business finance advice for loans from $5000 to $1,000,000 with no upfront fees*. Hence, call us now on 1300 796 850 to discuss your requirements.

We are not Australia's largest lender; however, we are a boutique broker offering dedicated professional advice. Therefore, you are not just a number.  

Caveat loans can give access to business capital in as little as 24 hours. Since the loan process for short term business loans is well suited for fast access to business funds. Hence, see below our 3-step caveat loan application process:

The Caveat Loan Approval Process can be as fast as 24 hours from enquiry to funds in your bank.