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[title size=”2″]Welcome to Loan Saver Network[/title]
We are one of the few debt consolidation companies, that has a primary focus on helping people through their debt problems and to assist in keeping their homes.
Our vast experience in the debt consolidation industry and tenacious approach to your solution enables us to achieve successful results. We present clients with debt consolidation plans that are customised to suit their current financial situation and to bundle the right debts into the right home loan.

  • We are Specialists.
  • We are a Specialist Finance Company.
  • We value Clients.
  • You are More than a Number.
  • You are more than your Situation.

So contact Loan Saver Network to get the ‘Yes’ you need for your debt solution


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[title size=”2″]Who Is Loan Saver Network[/title]
[toggle title=”Our Company Mission”]To offer direct advice and the most competitive solutions, suited to our clients best interests,  in the fastest possible delivery time frame. We honor transparency in lending and view our clients as life long relationships[/toggle]
[toggle title=”The Loan Saver Network Philosophy”]Identify the issue and how it occurred, view an issue as a problem tyo be solved, solve clients problems as quickly as practicable.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”The Loan Saver Network Promise”]We will communicate solutions within 1 working day. We treat all clients with respect and compassion. We will deliver the most competitive solutions in the shortest possible time frame.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”We Can Deliver On Projects”]Our clients love what we do. We consistantly resolve our clients lending issues where other have not been able to. We are a small team who are interested in your life which gives us an edge when presenting solutions to lenders.[/toggle]

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[title size=”2″]Our Skills[/title]
[progress percentage=”100″] Lender Knowledge[/progress]

[progress percentage=”85″]Approachable[/progress]
[progress percentage=”95″]Communication[/progress]
[progress percentage=”85″] Solution Focus [/progress]

[progress percentage=”100″] Tenacity[/progress]

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[title size=”2″]What Clients Say[/title]

  • “I had some problems a few years ago with a downturn in business , it left me with a large tax debt and no way to catch up without help. I didn’t think i could get a loan because i’d tried so many times. Loan Saver were very easy to work, no hassles, and knew what to do and what to say to get things moving. They didn’t bat an eye lid.” - Warren, on his experience
  • “The new loan is very competitive and saved me heaps of money. I’ve spoke to the new lender a few times and have had no problems at all. Colin (Loan Saver) seems to think i’ll be ready for an investment property next year… he’s been right so far so we’ll see.” - Warren, on his new loan
  • “Our loan settlement went very well, there were a couple of hiccups along the way which were handled with ease. Loan Saver’s (Colin)communication was fantastic, they explained the process and we knew exactly what we needed to do.” - Scott & Lina, on their experience
  • “The new loan got us our of trouble and the rate isn’t too bad either. The best thing is that we have a plan, we saved our house and we’ll be back to a traditional lender next year. We couldn’t be happier.” - Scott & Lina,, on their new loan