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Things to Consider with a Home Loan in Default

A home loan default can be one of the most stressful and difficult things for home owners to go through, and is usually the result of some form of disastrous life event. This event may be a Divorce, sickness, loss of a job or income, or even a death in the family causing the financial troubles. Mortgage companies are in the business of providing loans; not taking properties, and can often work with those who have a mortgage arrears to get them back on track. By knowing what to consider when it comes to home loan default issues, you can know exactly where you stand, and can begin the process of getting out of default and into good standing with your mortgage.

How long have you been in Home Loan Default?

The first thing to work out is the length of time that you have been dealing with a Home Loan Default. A lender may only allow a default to last for a few months before proceeding to foreclose on your property. The longer you are in default; the more you will have to pay to bring the mortgage arrears up to date and pay the legal expenses.

What is the Cost to Get Out of a Home Loan Default

The cost to bring your home loan default back to normal will usually require paying the entire payments that have been missed. Some companies are willing to work with you to help you make the payments; and often require a larger initial payment on the missed payments, and then increase the monthly payments to make up the difference. While this can be more of a financial burden, this is a great way to get out of home loan default. The only way to really know the exact $$$$ value of your home loan default is to ask your lender, as there may be legal and other expenses you will need to pay. Knowing the exact cost will allow you to form a plan to pay it off.

How Much Time do you have to get out of a Home Loan Default?

This will be dependent on your lender and you will need to speak to them to find out. If your default has been there for over 3 months your lender may require the full debt to be recalled. Which means you will need to pay for your whole loan, not just the arrears. The only way to determine this is to discuss your options with your lender.

Once your home loan is in default the timer is ticking away. Generally you will have 3-6 months before legal action is taken to seize your property.

The best method in these circumstances is to recruit the services of a professional who works with Home Loans in default, as they may be able to negotiate a satisfactory settlement of your home loan; this may entail be negotiating with your lender to keep your debt, or to refinance to another company.

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