Please Explain – What is a Home Loan Default?

A Home Loan Default or Mortgage Default comes under a number of definitions, but all with a similar meaning. Mortgage and Home Loan Default, Mortgage or Home Loan Arrears. all arise when the loan contractual repayments are not being met.

Your Home Loan or Mortgage will need to be in Default for 3-4 months before an eviction will take place. There are many processes in place prior to an eviction notice and finally being evicted. This allows an experienced representative to halt or mediate the process to enable sufficient time to effected a refinance or repay the Mortgage or Home Loan Arrears.

Steps to a Home Loan Default recovery

  1. The first step in the process is to establish the stage in the recovery process that the lender is up to.
  2. This requires authorisation from the client to allow a third party (Loan Saver Network) to mediate, discuss and obtain information to suitably assess a Mortgage or Home Loan Default situation.

Resolving a Mortgage Arrears or Home Loan Default is dependant upon may things, the best contribution you can make for a successful resolution is:

  • Act now.
  • Do not procrastonate. as one day can make a significant difference in resolving Home Loan Default and Mortgage Default.

Below is a list of items than that we need to verify to enable a solution found:

  • Is there sufficient equity to cover the Home Loan Default or Mortgage Default?
  • Is there sufficient servicabilty?
  • Will future repayments be made on time?
  • Is your property acceptable to the lender for security purposes?
  • Do you have credit defaults listed on your CRAA (Veda) Report?
  • If so, what is your level of credit impairment?
  • How far in arrears is your mortgage?
  • How much in arrears are your other loans?
  • One of the very important item for the new lender is the story of your credit issues. The lender will want to know what has happened to cause the credit problems, and if this loan is provided will the situation continue?

Loan Saver Network is effective in resolving Home Loan Arrears and Mortgage Defaults and we have an open book policy. You are freee to call and discuss any issues you may have with your current lender. If you have any questions please contact us at 1300 796 850 or Apply for a Loan as there may be a solution to your issue.