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Mortgage in Arrears?

Coming up with a lump sum to bring your arrears up to date can be difficult. Consolidate your arrears into your home loan and stop those mounting fees.

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Even if you’ve been declined before, Loan Saver are experts in good and bad credit. We consistently place loans that have been declined previously.

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Refinance your home loan to another lender, stop your eviction and keep your home. Get great advice and a long term solution for your mortgage arrears.

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Why battle with your arrears, payments and your lender. Consolidate your arrears, put the past behind you and get back to living again.

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One of the most stressful situations to go through financially is to get behind on your mortgage. Many people are not sure what to do if they go into home loan arrears, and often feel the brunt of the mortgagee’s collection department. Who do you trust? Who do you take advice from?

There are hardship processes to enable you to catch up on your payments. However meeting your normal monthly payment plus the arrears payments can be difficult. Contact an expert who can assist in refinancing your home loan arrears and make a plan to overcome your current financial difficulty. Isn’t it best to aim for a long term solution?

The reason people go into mortgage arrears are varied, such as:

Loss of a job
Health Problems
Business Circumstances Changing
Relationship problems
Other unplanned for situations such as a Death in the family

Many of these will require a tailored finance solution to ensure a successful result. Contacting someone experienced in assessing your mortgage arrears and planning your finance application will help create the best result for you.

Refinancing home loans in arrears is one way to solve current problems, as well as making future payments more affordable. Choosing the right lender for a home loan refinance option can make the difference in how successful your refinanced loan will be long term.

Generally banks or other lenders will take action against you, if you miss three months of payments on your home loan, however this is at their discretion. It is recommended to take action before this occurs as it will give you more time to make a workable financial plan and to investigate as many options as possible, before your lenders actions become more serious.

Home loan arrears experts such as The Loan Saver Network can help you make the right choices and avoid time wasted on failed applications that could cost you your home. So call us today and let’s work together to get your home loan out of arrears and manageable for the future.

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