Credit Defaults

What is in a Credit Report?

A credit report is used to give a creditor the information required to assess your potential to conduct your credit activities in line with their agreements.
Personal Details
This information is used to verify your identity. It helps as a safeguard against identity fraud.

Your name
Your date of birth
Your current and past addresses
Employment status
Driving licence number
Credit Applications

Credit applications […]

Debt Negotiation

Debt Negotiation
Debt Negotiation is the process of Negotiate your Unsecured Debts to a lower value. For example, if you have $100,000 in credit cards and personal loans we may reduce the total debt by 35-60% of it original value (ie $100k down to $65000).

 How much can we reduce your repayments by? We consistently achieve outstanding […]

What does it mean to have a Credit Default?

An overdue payment of 60 days may seem insignificant this can mean the difference between a decline and an approval for your loan. Being overdue by 60 days regardless of the size of the debt is deemed as an indication of future conduct and classess the bearer as high risk. A credit report is […]

Can i repair my Credit Defaults

Can i repair my Credit Defaults? How long does a credit default last for?
Will a credit default impact me forever? No, in most cases a credit default is only listed for 5 years. There is a range of various Credit Defaults that can be listed on your credit file.

 Credit Default

 Court Judgement

 Part 9 Debt Agreement

 Part […]