The process of consolidating debts into your mortgage can be a complex task Ever tightening credit and lending requirements have increased the need for an in depth knowledge in lending policy. Even a small glitch on your credit card statement can create issues with consolidating debt. To follow is a the approach Loan Saver takes in securing a Debt Consolidation loan. We also include Debt Negotiation into the process with a view to reducing your overall debt further, quite often Debt Negotiation is confused with other terms or products that are misrepresented in the market; terms such as Debt Agreements and Debt Mediation. Debt Negotiation does not involve these solutions, and does not impact your credit file any further that it is now. Anyway, now that that has been clarified, lets look at how we do what we do:

  1. Assessment – We have an open discussion with you and obtain information on your current situation. We look to see the best possible direction for you.
  2. We discuss your situation with various lenders, package your scenario and obtain responses from various lenders and their credit staff.
  3. We put together a proposal for you including an estimate of what you may achieve from a negotiation, and consolidation and all fees. You are fully informed from the very start,
  4. We obtain the required paperwork from you.
  5. Application(s) completed and loan submitted to the lender.
  6. Approval Obtained
  7. Negotiation begins.
  8. Loan settles and debts are paid out.
There are many more steps between the 8 listed but these listed are the main points. We are in communication with you every 2nd day, or as required.
If you have any questions, please call us on 1300 796 850 or Apply for a loan below.