Debt Consolidation Home Loans

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Clear Debts

Refinancing with a debt consolidation mortgage can combine your good and bad debts into one simple loan. One loan can be easier to manage and can help Get Creditors Off Your Back.

Reduce Payments

A debt consolidation home loan may help slash the interest rate on your high interest debts such as credit cards. One low home loan rate means lower monthly repayments and money saved every month.

Save Thousands

Consolidating your debts means you reduce your overall interest rate. Wouldn't you rather manage just one payment each month? Improve your budget and cash flow options.

Been Declined?

Even if you’ve been declined before, Loan Saver are experts in good and bad credit loans. We consistently place loans that have been previously declined by other brokers.

We Are Here To Help

Work with debt consolidation home loan experts who have the primary focus of helping people through their debt problems. Our goal is to help you keep your home and move your finances forward.
Our vast experience in the debt consolidation industry helps us present clients with debt consolidation mortgage plans that are customised to suit their current financial situation. We then help them bundle all of their existing debts into one competitive home loan.

One of the main goals of debt consolidation home loans is to reduce the amount of debts that are carrying high interest rates. 

What are some of the causes of unmanageable Debt?

  • Personal injury preventing earning an income.
  • Sickness of yourself or a family member.
  • Sickness or illness of a child – this can cause a large drop in income more so that many other reason, as all income earners are affected.
  • Loss of a job or redundancy.
  • Divorce
  • Economic impact resulting in reduced income.
  • Having a baby and the loss of an income.
  • Budgeting issues
  • Emotional conditions such as depression, gambling, drug dependency

Goals of Debt Consolidation Home Loans

  • Reduce high interest rates across all types ofdebts
  • Reduce the overall monthly payments across your loans
  • Simplify your management of debts, by minimising the number of payments.
  • Improve your lifestyle by allowing further surplus in your general budgeting
  • Create an ongoing plan and success structure to pay off all of your debt over time

Can a Debt Consolidation Loan be obtained with Credit Issues?

Loan Saver Network can navigate the complexities around your credit issues. We have lenders who can assist with the following credit issues:

  • Credit defaults
  • Multiple enquiries on your credit file
  • Arrears on your existing home loan
  • Judgements and court actions
  • Discharged bankruptcy
  • Undischarged bankruptcy (in some circumstances)

Calculate your Savings with our Debt Consolidation Calculator

What could you expect to save by consolidating all of your debts into your mortgage? There are many options with a consolidation finance that could assist in reducing your outgoings. Input all your debts into our calculator and submit an enquiry to start your assessment, and begin the consolidation process.

Calculate your Savings with our Debt Consolidation Calculator

Your Debt Consolidation Solution Starts Here

  • Rolling over and refinancing your debts into a debt consolidation mortgage can reduce monthly payments to a more affordable level.
  • Another objective of debt consolidation is to help with future budgeting and to minimise the amount of paperwork or administration required to service a variety of debts. It is much less stressful to have one larger home loan, than it is to have many different creditors or debt collectors chasing you for payments.
  • We start with an informal over the phone discussion to find out your objectives. After that we can  offer you a simple, clear written evaluation of your position. The next step is a clear strategic plan you can implement to reduce your month interest costs.

Loan Saver Network can help you plan your debt consolidation mortgage, choose the right lender for your needs, consolidate your debts and plan or budget for the future. This will give you a better chance of staying ahead.

We have witnessed many different situations that have led to people just like you to struggle with their finances. We have also helped many of these clients get the right debt consolidation mortgage to move forward with their lives. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and we will help you in a professional and friendly way. It is about you and your interests. 

Talk to the experts in debt assistance today. It only takes a few minutes and could be the changing point you are looking for. Enquire online or by phone on 1300 796 850.

Why Work With The Loan Saver Network ?

  • Australian Credit Licensed

  • Variety of Standard and Specialist lenders

  • 15 Years Lending Experience

  • Simple Straight Forward Solutions based Approach

  • Ongoing Support Program.

More and more often these days we are helping clients with credit card debt consolidation. Credit cards are great if they are used appropriately. The issue we have been seeing is no clear exit strategy for eliminating the credit card debt. See below some examples of credit card debt that needs to be consolidated.

Primary Purpose of Credit Cards: (Intended)

  1. Used as accessible funding for emergency purposes.
  2. Streamlining payments – the credit card is used to manage outgoings on a month to month basis and the full balance paid out each month.

Exit Strategy for Eliminating Credit Card Debt (Best Case)

  1. Escalating payments above the minimum required to enable paying the card off within a 6 month period.
  2. Consolidate credit card debt into a lower interest loan with a set term to reduce the balance to $0. ie 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years.
  3. Debt Consolidation – Credit Card Debt Consolidation using your Home Loan

Example of Credit Card Debt that Needs Consolidation

  1. Credit card balances are consistently above the card limit.
  2. You can see you will be missing payments in the near future.
  3. Your credit balances are increasing even if you are making payments.
  4. You are using credit cards to top up your monthly budget.
  5. Your account has been referred to the lenders collection department.

If you can see any of the above circumstances occurring with your credit accounts, please make contact to discuss at the earliest opportunity. Taking action earlier produces better results in the way of lower interest rates, and also assists in protecting your credit file.

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