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Secured Business Finance

Most business loans in Australia are secured business loans. A secured business loan is where a type of security instrument is lodged either on title of a property or other asset for the provision of funds to an individual or business. Various types of secured business loans are noted below:

First Mortgages For Business

Finance secured by a first mortgage against the title of a property. Lenders offering finance secured by first mortgage have a priority interest in recovery of funds in the event of a default. This gives a lender confidence in the provision of funds. With confidence in funding the lenders usually will provide higher loan ratio and longer loans terms to meet a business or personal use. Traditional and also non traditional lending practices can be applied depending whether the use of funds is for business or personal use.

Yes, we offer advice and can facilitate establishment of first mortgages.

Second Mortgages

Finance secured by a second mortgage that sits behind your existing first mortgage. Second mortgages often provide a more flexible lending approach to the use of funds, and the income assessment policies than that of traditional lending practices.

Yes, we offer advice and can facilitate establishment of second mortgages.

Visit our comprehensive Second Mortgages page here.

Caveat Loans

Caveat loans are usually combined with a second mortgage to allow the speed of a settlement to be brought down from many weeks to a few days. Caveats are a type of notification lodged on the title of a property to indicate there is an equitable financial interest in the property. Caveats show a financial interest, however cannot be used to force the sale of the asset.

Yes, we offer advice and can facilitate establishment of caveat loans for our clients.

Read more about Caveat Loan Solutions here.

Asset Finance (Moving Assets)

Asset finance is where funds are provide to either purchase a vehicle or asset for business or personal purpose. Other methods are “lease back options” where a vehicle or asset is owned by a person or business and for the provision of funds the asset is essentially purchased by the finance company, then leased back to the original owner for full use. The funds for the purchase can be used to pay debt such as tax debt, or used for working capital.

Yes, we offer advice and can facilitate establishment of asset finance.

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