Tax Debt Solutions

Solutions For Upcoming Tax Debt Payments
As we quickly approach May 2015, business owners will be aware that their personal tax returns for 2014 should be lodged and full payment made to the ATO shortly. Well at least we hope they are aware of that.

For many business owners, now is the time they begin planning […]

Loansavers WA – Fraud Warning

Fraud Warning:

We are fielding calls from begrudged people who have or are dealing with a company called “Loansavers WA”.

Please note this company requests people to pay an upfront insurance fee, which once paid you will never hear from them again .

Basic details we have found are:
– You will have received notification of a loan […]

Whats the difference between Bad Credit Lenders?

What is the difference between one lender and another?
Do i need a Bad Credit Specialist?

There are many other questions you might have, but lets start with these two above. What exactly is the difference betwen two bad credit lenders? At the end of the day we all want to save money, move our financial […]

Should i use my Mortgage to consolidate Debt?

Debt Consolidation – the Benefits of Combining Unsecured Debt into your Mortgage
Trying to have a hold on all of your debt can be difficult at the best of times. You may have multiple loans and debts that were set up to fix various situations requiring money. Debt consolidation can help reduce your overall […]

Why use a Mortgage Calculator?

Benefits of using a Mortgage Calculator
A Mortgage calculator can be crucial for people who are looking into buying a home. While it is nice to think that people can buy a house without having to deal with a mortgage, most people who buy a home require a loan. The numbers and equations in […]

I have a Credit Default on my Credit File

Top Causes of a Credit Default
Your credit file is one of your most valuable assets; which needs to be protected. An adverse credit rating by receiving a credit default can impact you applications for credit for 5-7 years. Most people don’t realise the impact of receiving a credit default until it’s too late. […]

Should i be Paying Out Bad Debts with other Loans?

Bad Credit Loans and Paying Bad Debts
While most brokers like to turn a blind eye to credit and debt problems, they do exist; there are alot of people who have to deal with them every day. Some people have bitten off more than they can chew; whereas others have been affected by the […]

What happens when my Home Loan is in Default?

Please Explain – What is a Home Loan Default?
A Home Loan Default or Mortgage Default comes under a number of definitions, but all with a similar meaning. Mortgage and Home Loan Default, Mortgage or Home Loan Arrears. all arise when the loan contractual repayments are not being met.

Your Home Loan or Mortgage will need […]

Can i get a mortgage with bad credit?

How to Get a Mortgage when i have credit defaults?

Many people who have bad credit feel as though trying to get a mortgage would be impossible. The idea follows the norm of society; people who have bad credit simply do not get new loans, like mortgages. What people do not realise, however, is that […]

Debt Consolidation – Other solutions

Debt Consolidation Solutions – where to start?
Over the last few years Debt Consolidation has been the cliche’ term used to describe bringing all of your loan accounts into one. The point of view is that this will alleviate cashflow issues, or at the very least give you more monthly cashflow to live or do […]