About Loan Saver Network


Welcome to Loan Saver Network

We are one of the few debt consolidation companies, that has a primary focus on helping people through their debt problems and to assist them in keeping their homes. Our vast experience in the debt consolidation industry and tenacious approach to find solutions, enables us to achieve successful results.

We present clients with debt consolidation plans that are customised to suit their financial situation and bundle the right debts into the right home loan refinance.

  • We are Specialists.
  • We are a boutique finance company.
  • We value client interests above all else.
  • Clients are more than a number.
  • Clients are so much more than their situation.

Contact Loan Saver Network for specialist advice and a strategic debt solution.

Our Company Mission

Loan Saver Networks mission is to foster financial change. We assist people to move forward from financial mistakes and learning new ways of managing finances, loans and to make better choices. We instil patience, knowledge and making better choices about finances and debt.

The Loan Saver Network Vision

Loan Saver Network is committed to smarter financial choices for our clients leaving them empowered and creating people and families with direction.

The Loan Saver Network Philosophy

Identify the issue and how it occured, view an issue as a problem tyo be solved, solve clients problems as quickly as practicable.

The Loan Saver Network Promise

We will communicate solutions within 1 working day. We treat all clients with respect and compassion. We will deliver the most competetive solutions in the shortest possible time frame.

We Can Deliver On Projects

Our clients love what we do. We consistantly resolve our clients lending issues where other have not been able to. We are a small team who are interested in your life which gives us an edge when presenting solutions to lenders.

  • Lender Knowledge100%
  • Approachable85%
  • Communication95%
  • Solution Focus85%
  • Tenacity100%