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Loan Saver Network provides access to a range of bad credit home loan and debt consolidation home loan solutions to assist our clients to move forward with their lives.

If you find yourself in any of the situations listed below submit an Online Enquiry for a Free, No Obligation over the Phone Assessment or Apply for a Loan. As a specialist bad credit mortgage broker, Loan Saver Network aims to provide Conditional Approval within 1 working day, and settlement in as little as one week* See our testimonial pages for our happy clients.

  • Home Loan or Mortgage Arrears: You have missed a number of repayments on your mortgage.
  • Debt Consolidation Loans: You have high interest good and bad debt you want to consolidate into a single lower repayment.
  • Cheaper Interest Rate: Your current Bad Credit Interest Rate is killing you and you want to compare bad credit interest rates and Refinance your Bad Credit Home Loan or Mortgage to a lower interest rate.
  • Credit Defaults & Bad Credit History are preventing you from obtaining finance and you want a Bad Credit Home Loan
  • Self employed and seeking a low doc loan
  • Tax Debt- The ATO is chasing you for unpaid taxes and you want to consolidate your taxes into your mortgage.
  • Buying a house and you need a bad credit home loan or bad credit mortgage because you have credit defaults.
  • Credit card debts or other high interest debts are draining your budget and a debt consolidation loan may provide relief.
  • Debt Negotiation – Reducing your level of unsecured debts through negotiation.

Submit an Online Enquiry above for a No Obligation over the phone assessment, or Assess your potential savings with a Debt Consolidation Home Loan or Mortgage using our debt consolidation calculator

Why a Bad Credit Home Loan?

A bad credit mortgage or bad credit home loan, helps people with:

  • a less than perfect credit history to refinance
  • or buy the home they want.
  • These loans take into account your previous credit history and offer alternatives to people who may not qualify for a traditional home loan approval.
  • A bad credit home loan refinance would be assessed to see if we could achieve a better interest rate for you.

Everyone wants to own their own home, so why not contact to find out what is available.

Why Debt Consolidation Home Loans?

We all want to save money, improve our lifestyle and improve our future prospects. If you feel the amount of high interest debts you have are making your life difficult, then a debt consolidation home loan may be the answer.Debt consolidation home loans can assist with:

  •  Becoming debt free faster.
  • Save on interest
  • If structured correctly pay all your debts off faster.
  • Improve your budget and daily lifestyle.

Check out more information about debt consolidation and the benefits of debt consolidation home loans.