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Credit Default Issues

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Loan Saver Network offers experienced advice and guidance for people who are struggling with debt and finance problems. We assist with business and personal finance solutions to solve a range of issues. Finance to pay business debt such as tax debt, working capital, funds to stop a business wind up, consolidate monies owed to debt collectors, and could benefit from a debt consolidation home loan. We also help those with mortgage arrears and other debt issues.
Our clients generally do not fit the requirements of traditional lenders. For business clients we can provide a strategic approach to solving business or ATO tax debt problems. Our solutions are geared to keeping you in business while maintaining your business and personal assets.

Personal clients may have multiple mortgages, car loans, personal loans, store credit and credit card debt requiring attention, or have unpaid defaults and judgements. We may bundle these into one debt consolidation mortgage to reduce your monthly repayments or to extend payment terms to help you get back on track. Our specialty is getting clients through tricky financial periods, and can often solve problems other finance specialists have not been able to.
We have been told we can get finance when others can't. With 19 years’ experience, we understand the technicalities of lending better than conventional channels. Where brokers may be bound by traditional lending policies, we think outside the square to legally get you the loan you need to get you back on track.

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What our clients have to say

Founder & Director - Colin Kidd

"I will give you the assistance you need to get you back into your business" Close to two decades ago, Colin was an electrician, who found himself suddenly unable to work in his chosen field; it was making him ill. In fact, the situation went south very fast and Colin found himself at his wits end, dealing with having to sell his home, a large tax debt, and mounting credit card debt. He was facing some very hard choices or a Bankruptcy.

At the time in the late 1990's there was not much information, or support with financial trouble. Colin decided to negotiate his way out and try to resolve all the debts himself. Having a total of $190,000 in debt he negotiated the debt to just under 40% of it original value and paid the balance back.

After Colin resolved his own issues legally he realised that tax debt could overwhelm anyone.

With time and education, Colin founded Loan Saver Network, to help others just like you to avoid the intense heartache, destruction and financial pain that he went through all those years ago.

Our team at Loan Saver Network is headed by some of Australia's most respected leaders in the industry. Loan Saver Network will ensure you will be well informed and educated to ensure you have the right choices for your circumstances.